“Through the service we give, they will continue to live.” We are striving to serve through activities and events that will make a lasting impact on our community. FAMAAS was founded to created a resource of hope and strength for families who have been impacted by tragedy. We focus on education, empowerment and developing long-term solutions to violent crime and accidental shootings. We invite you to join the movement as we strive to build our communities around faith, hope and love.

Thank You to Our Supporters!
  • Dr. I.C. Spivey, Evangelist
  • Lake Ida Church of Christ
  • Lowrie Simon, Evangelist
  • Boca-Delray Church of Christ
  • Mercerlene A. Rutledge
  • 15th Street Church of Christ
  • Nellie’s Corner, Decorator
  • Seagull School
  • James Earl Jones